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Ajax Toolbar

Ajax Toolbar

Ajax Toolbar Magento extension replaces clunky and unintuitive pagination with an infinite scroll on your category pages. It provides a very convenient usability solution for big stores with hundreds of products and items: now your customers will be able to view and go through the list of products right on the same page, because new results will be uploaded automatically by Ajax, without causing page reload.


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Magento Ajax Toolbar is an extension which allows a number of must-have UI features for your category page. One is Infinite Scroll (with or without a specific button) lets our customers see all the products in a category without reloading the page. It also provides you with a “go to top” button to quickly navigate back to the top menu. Sorting (list/grid, price based, etc) also reloads via Ajax allowing for experience uninterrupted by reloads.

Key features:

  • All results are available to view on the same page (infinite scroll);
  • New results are uploaded via Ajax, which does not cause page reload;
  • Set the module to upload results either automatically or by clicking the button;
  • Convenient Back button which brings you back to the top of the page;
  • Sorting and changing the catalog style (grid/list) is done via Ajax.

Overall information

One of the main usability problems that customers can often encounter in any Internet store when looking through a list of products or search results is that they have to constantly go from one page to another, leave and load new pages which makes the process quite inconvenient and not so user friendly.

Ajax Toolbar module will help you solve this problem. Now your customers will no longer need to load plenty of pages to find what they want – all results will be displayed on one and the same page, new results will be automatically uploaded to the same page via Ajax, without causing page reload.  This will incredibly improve browsing experience and usability of your store, which of course will also improve the general attitude of customers.

  • General settings
  • Autopager settings
  • Back button settings
  • Cache lifetime
  • AjaxToolbar cache added to cache management
  • Ajax Toolbar on the frontend
  • Back button and the default page toolbar
  • Auto mode
  • Free Support Guarantee1 Year Free Support Guarantee (We do not provide free support for free modules)
  • Open Source100% Open Source
  • Money Back Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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