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Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes

Add attributes and groups of attributes to the registered customers. Create a group of attributes, called “work info”, and add attributes like "phone number", "address", "zip code" in there.


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Magento Customer Attributes

Define profiles of your target audience with Magento Customer Attributes extension by adding attributes to customer information section. This module allows you to add attributes and groups of attributes for registered customers. Users will be asked to fill out a few forms, and then you can easily manage their personal data. Every time you need to collect special preferences of your clients or receive some additional data about them, use Magento Customer attributes.  

Key features

  • Unlimited number of attributes
  • Attribute types – "text", "select', "password", "text area"
  • Several attributes are combined into a group
  • Attributes can be tied to groups (sets) or stores (if there are many of them)
  • Group tabs on the admin panel (displayed in the menu while editing groups and users)
  • Tabs in the user’s account front-end with an option to edit data by himself


  • Refactoring database structure
  • Direct requests to the database are removed
  • Bug with table prefixes is fixed

You can create a group, called “Work Info” and add attributes like "first/last name", “phone number" and many others in there. From this moment your customer will be able to fill in these fields in his profile, and you can change them via admin panel.

The editing panel is easily accessible.

If you need a multicopy license or want to ask any other questions about Customer Attributes, please contact us.

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  • New attributes in user profiles
  • Attribute fields
  • Attributes grid in the admin panel
  • Create a new attribute
  • Set attributes group
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