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Dropdown Menu

Dropdown Menu

This Magento extension increases control over the store menu panel by adding various content to it - subcategories, images, video, templates, etc. Category content administration is quite easy due to its block structure.


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Magento Dropdown Menu

Magento Dropdown Menu extension helps you gain control over your navigation menu by offering four category blocks to display its dynamic content – subcategories, images, video, templates, etc. You can create and extend new categories with company or contacts information and mix, manage and translate their content into different languages quickly due to the better automation process.

Key features:

  • Extended dropdown menu;
  • Four blocks with subcategories, related categories, last product visible and static content;
  • Adding text, images, templates, etc. to menu panel;
  • Homepage link;
  • Multilingual menu content creation.


  • Dropdown menu upload is sped up;
  • Category menu is floating and can be pinned to the top; 
  • Configuring floating menu opacity and overlay settings;
  • Different menu animation types and transitions.

Overall information

Are you satisfied with a standard Magento navigation menu? It’s hardly possible to expect a positive response here. Expand your menu, organize its content and fill it with meaningful information with Magento Dropdown Menu module.  

Four blocks are available for menu dropdown. The first one lists subcategories, the second displays related categories, the third block shows the last category product, and the fourth presents the static content – text, image, video, etc.

If you run a multilingual store, you may set categories, created in several languages. You don’t have to rewrite them manually: you just choose the block and language for translation, and a newly generated block will appear.

Visit our demo store and click here to access admin panel.

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[email protected]
i was trying a lot of DropDown Extensions...some of them where useles, for others you have to be a full programmer,.......
I already gave up, to think about a modified Dropdown Mernue!
I am since having my Magento Shop BelVG customer, but never thought to buy from them the DropDown extension.
So this was my last try, after installing and deinstalling about 6 others....
I am loving it! This dropdown is exactly thast what i was looking for! i am more then happy with this!
Review by Allmet / (Posted on 3/4/2013)

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