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Fullscreen Zoom with Purchase

Fullscreen Zoom with Purchase

This Magento extension enables fullscreen zoom for all products in the store. While in fullscreen mode, users will be able to browse through multiple pictures and add a product to cart.


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Magento Fullscreen Zoom Module.

Allows your customers to view your products in the fullscreen zoom mode. Fullscreen mode has an image slider for all images of the product and an add to cart button.

The main features of Magento Zoom extension:

  • Enables the fullscreen view option for all products in your store
  • Click the fullscreen button to enable the full screen view
  • Browse through product’s images in the fullscreen mode
  • Add items to cart directly from zoom mode
  • Automatically displays the store’s logo

Enhance the experience of browsing through your store with a fullscreen zoom Magento extension.

Upon clicking the fullscreen button the customer goes to the full screen mode, with picture controls and ability to order right from there.

View the products full size, navigate through photos and add your product to cart instantly when you have enough.

Easy installation and fully automatized performance is a guarantee for comfortable operation.

If you need a multicopy license or want to ask any other questions about Magento Fullscreen Zoom, please contact us.

New frontend feature - Magento Quick View module.

  • Fullscreen zoom
  • Fullscreen popup
  • Settings
  • Free Support Guarantee1 Year Free Support Guarantee (We do not provide free support for free modules)
  • Open Source100% Open Source
  • Money Back Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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