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Indexer for Magento 2

Indexer for Magento 2

Optimize the indexing process in your Magento 2 backend with the help of free Indexer extension by BelVG. Use this free module to update the status of Magento 2 indexers and rearrange their sorting order.


Fast product indexing has become a major issue for Magento 2-based webstores. Whenever you create and save a new product or category in backend it takes some time for Magento to reindex the product list and apply the changes online.
The problem may seem not quite vivid in case of a small online-store that contains just a few thousand items, but the more products you add - the more time it will take for Magento to complete the indexation. Various researches show, that the system may spend up to 20 seconds to save a product into a catalog that contains over 100K items.
Slow admin backend is a real problem for a vast majority of online stores: admins have to waste precious time just waiting until Magento saves new products and reindexes the changes. This results in slow productivity and downturn in sales and, in general, working with the admin panel becomes pretty inconvenient. 
Magento 2 Indexer is a free extension that helps you optimize the indexing process in your Magento 2 backend. The idea of the extension is very simple: the module lets you update the status of Magento 2 indexers and then rearrange their sorting order, so the system will start the reindexation process with the outdated records in the first place. Moving outdated records into the top of the list can be a real time saver: the system will perform data reindexing for outdated records from the very beginning, without wasting time for the up-to-date indexers.

Key features

  • Update the status of Magento backend indexers: the module will verify the list of indexers and provide you with the up to date information for every record.
  • Rearrange the sorting order of indexers: as soon as the extension updates the current status of the indexers, you can change their order and put the outdated records at the beginning of the list to speed up their reindexing. This will facilitate reindexing in the database because Magento will start the process with the outdated records, without wasting time for the up-to-date indexers.
  • Use the Reset Sort button to switch back to the default sorting order: in case you need to quickly revert back to the default settings, pressing the Reset Sort button will automatically place all indexers into their default positions.
  • No technical knowledge needed.
  • Detailed user guide.
  • Compatibility with Magento 2.

How does it work

The Magento 2 Indexer is an easy-to-use extension that lets admin take control over the indexing process in a Magento 2 online store. Default Magento data reindexing may really take a while, depending on the size of your store and number of available products. 
Using this extension, admins can verify the status of indexers in the backend and change their update order, thus, making the system start data reindexing with the outdated records. Optimizing reindexing order will boost admin performance and will let the administrator to get the work done much faster. Magento indexer extension is simple to install. It does not require any programming skills and is available in the admin area under the Index Management section right after the installation. To change the order of indexers just click the required record and drag it into the new position in the list. The module also lets instantly update the status and get real-time results for all available indexers. 


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