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Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation

Keeping layered navigation confined to the left side bar doesn’t cut it any more. With Layered Navigation extension for Magento you will be able to spread the navigation around and on top of the products on the page for easy and focused user navigation process. Ajax based filters allow you to add any image to any attribute for even more visual and impressive UI.


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Layered navigation has been proved to be a fast and convenient way for navigating through product catalogs in an online store. The Layered Navigation extension for Magento makes one more step further and introduces additional features that make the search and filtering process even more convenient, intuitive and faster overall.

Key features:

  • Add layered navigation to category and search pages;
  • 3 supplemental blocks that can display various product attributes and allow filtering;
  • Ajax-based filtering does not cause page reload;
  • Visualize applied filtering for every block;
  • Visualize product attributes with icons;
  • Convenient price slider to set the price frame as a filtering condition.

Overall information

The Advanced Layered Navigation installs 3 additional blocks on category and search pages. These blocks display various product attributes that allow selection and serve as filtering conditions. Customers can multi-select attributes and the ajax-based filter will quickly show the products that match the criteria without page reload.

All selected attributes are listed at the top of the page in a separate block, so that customers can quickly revise them and remove the unnecessary attributes from the filter. To improve the page look-and-feel the module lets you visualize the attributes with attractive icons.

  • Three blocks are added to the category and search pages
  • By multi-selecting attributes in the filter blocks customers can quickly narrow down the choice
  • All applied filters are listed in a separate block, so customer could easily remove the no longer wanted conditions
  • Attributes can be visualized with icons
  • Price slider
  • Module settings
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  • Open Source100% Open Source
  • Money Back Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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