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Pinterest Free

Pinterest Free

This free Magento extension connects webstores to popular Pinterest network. Every product gets the “Pin it” button for users to attach items to their virtual Pinterest boards. Visitors can follow store corporate accounts on Pinterest.


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Starting September 03, 2013 we are no longer offering support for our free extensions and templates. For any questions concerning free extensions or themes, please turn to the respective User Guide.

It’s time for a popular Pinterest social service to work for your webstore. Use Magento Pinterest Free extension to place “Pin it” button on every product page. Customers will pin products to their boards and share them with friends. Promote your store by creating Pinterest account and suggest visitors to follow you with the help of “Follow me on Pinterest” button.

Key features

  • “Pin it” button for all store products
  • “Follow me on Pinterest” button
  • Connecting the store to Pinterest account
  • Variety of “Pin it” and “Follow me on Pinterest” button styles
  • Configurable position of “Follow me on Pinterest” button

Overall information

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite events, interests and hobbies. This social service expands actively from the US into overseas markets such as France, Germany and Japan.

Pinterest Free extension provides customers with a configurable “Pin it” button. Clicking on it, users will pin products to their Pinterest boards. You may also create Pinterest account and connect it to your store via “Follow me on Pinterest” button. Choose a configurable position for it to match your store design and make your site incredibly pinteresting.

Pinterest connection is becoming a must-have feature for all modern websites. Become a part of Pinterest obsession and improve your public image and sales.

Visit our demo store and click here to access admin panel (login [email protected]/password guest123).

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