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Product Countdown

Product Countdown

Enable the countdown timer for products and categories in the store or set the timer for items in advance to turn it on later, using this extension. Merchants may put products expiring soon on the home page, set the separate timer for every product in the category and leave the product enabled when the timer goes off. 


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Magento Countdown Extension

Think more about your customers and care less about virtual lifetime of your products. Release time with Magento Product Countdown. The extension is extremely helpful, when you need to change your “store window” and delete outdated products. You set the timer for one product or the whole category, and it gets disabled automatically when the time goes off.

Magento Countdown Features:

  • Enable the timer for any products or categories in your store
  • Set the timer for disabled categories in advance to turn them on later
  • Categories and products get disabled automatically after the countdown ends

Overall information

Magento Product Countdown extension gives you the opportunity to set the timer for every product in your store.

The ticking timer is a useful feature to terminate your product sales, and it is also a perfect motivator. Customers see the remaining time of the product and take their decisions faster. When Magento timer stops, the product is automatically set to disabled state. You can also set the timer for the whole categories, and it will work the same as for single products.

Consider using the timer for temporarily disabled categories to sell products later. When New Year’s coming, you may prepare gifts and set the timer for a certain period of time in advance.

1.5.1 main features:

  • Optimization of enabling/disabling a huge number of store products
  • Set the date for sales and special offers
  • Put products expiring soon on your home page
  • Set the separate timer for every product in category
  • Leave the product enabled even though the timer goes off
  • Multilingual timer is provided

Visit our demo store and click here to access admin panel. (login [email protected]/password guest123)

If you need a multicopy license or want to ask any other questions about Magento Countdown, please contact us.

Allow your customers to view the products full size with Magento zoom module.


  • Define the number of products and categories
  • Start-Finish
  • Category Status Control Bloc
  • Timer Category Page
  • Timer Product Page
  • Category Timer

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

[email protected]
I bought this extension and I'm extremely happy with its features. It's exactly what I need in my online store. Their support is unrivaled and they reply really, really fast. Valerie Assetskaya, one of the members of their support group answers all my questions in less than a few minutes after I sent it. I also have minor customization and integration requests, and they did it without asking for any additional fees. Thank you so much Belvg for the great product and awesome support.
Review by Jehz / (Posted on 2/4/2015)
[email protected]
Excellent extension, great support. Extension is fully customizable, works with custom skins, has it's own stylesheet and does what is needed.
Possible future development of this extension could be implementing of few new functions:
- PriceBox display in homepage product block
- AddToCart button on homepage product block
- Compare/Wishlist buttons on homepage product block
Anyway, even without these functions, extension does what is needed, and if needed, some of these functions can be easily added by editing phtml files.
Highly recommended.
Thanks, guys!
Installed it on
Review by E. / (Posted on 10/1/2012)
[email protected]
The extension works really well. We were looking for a solution to put a timer on the Category page as well as specific products pages. In addition, the support that BelVg offers is great. Any issues that have come up have been quickly and efficiently handled by their team. Definitely recommend this extension and the people who created it.
Review by mdkaufman / (Posted on 6/21/2012)

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