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Quick View Extension for Magento 2

Quick View Extension for Magento 2

Improve customers shopping experience by adding Quick View function to your Magento 2 webstore. Customize quick view popup in your store style, add the functionality you want and increase the conversion of your online shop.


Good navigation and a positive user experience are the key features for a successful web-store. No one likes cumbersome and clumsy interfaces which can make you waste your time searching for the right item or getting a product description. Even worse, when you open a product page to discover details and then can’t find a way to switch back to the previous category page. Magento Quick View is a powerful extension that streamlines the navigation process by providing all necessary product information via special pop-up windows. Your customers will no longer need to switch to and from when trying to compare different items or when they want to simply check out available sizes and colors of a product.

The Quick View button appears for all products on every catalog and category page. The pop-up window contains detailed product information, including the product price, description, product attributes, Add to Cart, Add to Compare, Wishlist, and Email buttons.

The Magento Quick View extension uses the latest Ajax technology which prohibits a page from reloading. Customers remain on the same catalog page and can quickly access detailed product descriptions, review available product sizes, colors and even quickly add items to the shopping cart without leaving the main page.

The Quick View Magento extension is compatible with all Magento themes and is perfectly optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

How to customize the BelVG Quick View extension for Magento 2

Key features

The detailed product preview window

The Quick View pop-up will give access to all necessary product information, including such details as:

  • Product price;

  • Product images;

  • Product rating;

  • Available sizes;

  • Available colors;

  • In stock/out of stock status;

  • Product quantity;

  • Buttons: Add to Cart, Wishlist, Email, Add to Compare; Go to Product Page

  • Additional info: product review links.

Provide your customers with all the information they may need to know before they purchase any products.

Customizable pop-up style

The Magento Quick View module offers a high level of customization for pop-up elements:

  • Change style of the Quick View button: display it either as a button or as an icon;

  • Customize button text and text color;

  • Upload custom images for Quick View icons;

  • Change button background color;

  • Specify button position;

  • Configure opacity settings.

Create a Quick View popup in the general style of your store.

Interactive pop-up

Using Magento Quick View pop-up customers can not only get a detailed product information but can also perform other actions such as:

  • Add product to the shopping cart;

  • Add product to the Wishlist;

  • Add product to the comparison list;

  • Go to product page;

  • E-mail product information.

Make the most of your Quick View pop-up by adding necessary buttons and increasing conversion. Try different variations and see how they work.

Ajax-based Add to Cart

Ajax technology allows customers to instantly add items directly from the pop-up window to the shopping cart without leaving the catalog page. It means that when switching back to the main page it wouldn’t reload and all your filter setting will be saved.

General features:

  • clear settings;

  • detailed User Guide;

  • video instruction;

  • no code changes;

  • Magento 2 compatibility.

 Benefits for customers 

Poor navigation experience can become a major factor for high bounce rates and high customer defection. With every click that the visitors have to make the chances that they will leave the website increases dramatically. Everybody likes quick and convenient websites where everything is available at your fingertips. One second, one click and you will get the product you want. This is the slogan of a successful ecommerce. People hate to waste time looking for items, rushing back and forth when trying to read the product description and loosing the previous category page at the same time.

Magento Quick View product extension makes the product exploration a really simplistic process. Customers have access to all necessary product info right on the category page: the module enables a special preview pop-up for every product on a store. Customers will no longer have to leave the catalog page to be able to read about the desired product - all the necessary information about the selected item will be displayed in the pop-up, right on the same page. Items can be added to the shopping cart directly from the Quick View popup without having to reload the page.

The module functionality is not only limited by opportunity to add products to the shopping cart. The pop-up lets users also add items to the comparison list, to the wishlist or to send the selected product info by email. Such settings allow merchants to try multiple variations of pop-up configurations and choose the one that works better for available products. Such a flexible setting significantly increases plugin’s possibilities and makes it more useful for both customers and business owners. 

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Questions about product

Can I customize the Quick View button?

Yes, sure. You have several customization opportunities. You can specify button position, text, text color, button color and opacity. Please notice, that you can specify two button colors. In that case you will get a custom gradient. If you want a monochrome button, simply choose the same color for both of the color settings. You can also customize the button opacity. The default value is 0.7. You can change it from 0 which is fully transparent to 1 which is fully opaque.

How many colors will I have?

We use a hexadecimal colors scheme for this extension. Thus, you can create more than 16 million color combinations.

What if I don’t want to use the Quick View button?

We have envisaged such a situation and included an opportunity to use the Quick View icon instead of the button.

Can I customize the Quick View icon?

The Quick View icon has the same settings as the button. You can choose its position, text and opacity. You can adjust its value from 0 which is fully transparent to 1 which is fully opaque.

Can I upload my own image as an icon?

Yes, sure you can. The recommended image size is 500 * 500 pixel. The recommended file types: PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG and SVG.

Can I add social media icons to the Quick View pop-up?

The general settings of extension don’t allow to do this. But the extension itself supports the default functionality of Magento. You can add social media icons to the product page as a widget via Content - Widgets - Add to new widget. Once the widget appears in the middle of the product page you will see it in the Quick View pop-up as well.

Can I specify the information available on the Quick View pop-up?

Unfortunately, this function isn’t available by default. Information displayed on the Quick View pop-up is the information from the middle part of the product page. Once you customize it, your quick view pop-up will be changed. In the case that you want to customize pop-up information separate from product page content, feel free to contact us and we will find a way to extend module functionality according your request.


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