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Tablet Dashboard

Tablet Dashboard

Take the tablet and access the store admin panel instantly to get informed of the latest changes. Monitor all orders and manage cache on iPad, Android and other tablets. 


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Tablet Dashboard Module

Stay updated on the sales statistics when you are outside the work/home with Magento Tablet Dashboard extension. Open your tablet or laptop in the car, while walking, during bus rides and business meetings and get all necessary information about your sales rate and recent orders instantly. The extension is fully adapted to the tablet view and offers only the most essential functionality to check the orders and cache management parameters.

Key features

  • Magento dashboard for tablets
  • Displaying orders statistics
  • Cache management
  • Adding the extension to a home screen

Other specs.

  • Easy to change design and layout
  • Just HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript
  • Device rotation support

Overall information

If your store growing extensively or you are planning to expand in the future, you need to consider administering the website more often than just at work or at home. Get information about customer orders on the road right from your tablet.

Install Magento Tablet Dashboard and pin it to your tablet home screen to use like an app. Full functionality of a standard Magento admin panel is reduced here and only four familiar tabs are left – Dashboard, Orders, Cache Management and Log out. It serves the purpose of tracking the store statistics quickly with no excessive elements.

The extension detects the type of OS and automatically sets the appropriate resolution, size of UI elements and orientation for the device. It is compatible with iOS, Android and other tablet-oriented operating systems.

Visit our demo store and click here.

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